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Thick UV Varnish

Product name:

Thick UV varnish

Suitable substrate

BOPP matt film, PET, PAPER, PVC,PC, etc.

Scope of application

Alcohol and tobacco packagingcosmetic products packagingelectric products packaging, food packaging, picture album,etc.


1) UV curing quick, high accrete capability.

2) Excellent chemical resistance

3) Good both leveling & defoamimg. Excellent printing suitability.

Technology Data:

1) Surface: Ivory, cream & tanslucent fluid.

2) Viscosity 25 : cps :5000-15000 cps .Fineness : 5um .

3)Curing speed:(120 W/cm 〜2-3 Hgs ,Lamp wavelength 250-400nm),Generally speak printing speed is 15-55m/min .

4) Screen plate: 100-250 mesh count plate.

5) Diluent: UB series professional diluent.



        Meilianxing ShenzhenInk Co., LTD is a UV ink flagship corporation in China and was formed in 2001, one of the largest domestic UV ink centers, which specialized in r&d production、sales and after-sales service. we manufacture all our own inks and solvent products(including meg, gold cercis and haose), we do not buy-in and re-sell other brands.



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